I love Bewley’s Oriental Café in Dublin, and make sure to go there whenever I am visiting the city.  The first time I ate at Bewley’s was quite by happenstance. I was alone in Dublin, my first time there. After spending the day walking around, warding off jet lag and homesickness, I was tired.  I happened to walk past Bewley’s, then stopped and turned back, beckoned inside by the warm glow and delicious smells.  I was given an unanticipated gift by being seated in the Harry Clarke room, actually next to one of the stain glass windows.  I’ve been back several times, and have enjoyed each moment spent there, but the first time was the most special.  I had been tired and lonely, but I was reinvigorated, my body restored by the meal and my soul nourished by the beauty of the stained glass.  - Rachael Holliday