April Team Updates!

Hello Team!

It's been another amazing month, and it's all because of your great contributions! Here are some updates on new happenings at The Color Spectrum!

  • Updated Website Changes
    • I have added a "mission" to our about page so that others can more easily understand the goal of our project.
    • I have deleted some unnecessary tabs to make the website less cluttered.
New Mission.PNG
  • New Social Media Counts:
    • Facebook: 286
    • Twitter- 98
    • Instagram- 80
    • Total unique website visitors: 676
  • Social Media Interaction Update:
    • I have been working on our social media count only since last week, so I apologize for the small increase! I have found the easiest way to get followers on Twitter and Instagram has been to interact with users. For Facebook, I will continue to try to have a monthly ads campaign for the time being, it has always attracted between 50-100 new followers. Also, don't forget to share your blogs and photos as they are posted so your friends can see!
    • If you could please help me promote the Postcard Contest these last few days, it ends March 31st! Winners will receive a merch pack with a t-shirt and passport cover! Also, any help with brainstorming a new promotional activity/competition that we could start in May would be greatly appreciated. Forward me any ideas you might have! Summer might be another great time for a postcard contest.
  • Contributor Changes:
    • Noor Mamlouk will no longer be on our team
    • We have a new member- Maggie Cusack!
    • I discovered two amazing opportunities at the last minute this week, so I jumped on them. Below is a description!
  • Passion Passport Twitter Chats:
    • Last week we were invited to a Passion Passport Twitter chat, which was amazing! If you have a Twitter, I highly encourage you to participate next week. I have listed this Twitter chat on the "general" tab of our April Social Media Calendar. Passion Passport usually invites a popular photographer or travel blogger to answer a series of questions, but followers can also interact and tweet their answers, as well. In addition, you can tweet the photographer/blogger your own questions! We received a few new followers just by participating, and it's loads of fun! Here is a link to the Passion Passport Twitter account if you'd like to follow, they have a wonderful website, as well!
    • I think this is a great way to interact with the travel community, and we should continue to participate!
The Bucket List Initiative.PNG
  • Passion Passport The Bucket List Initiative Travel Grant
    • I recently applied for The Bucket List Initiative Travel Grant! The prize is a $1500 travel grant, which is amazing! If we win, The Color Spectrum could be featured on their website, and articles and photos would be shared from the trip. This is great opportunity to receive recognition from an already well-known travel blog, so cross your fingers! I applied for a grant to go to South Africa. The link to this grant is below if you would like to apply in the future, it happens four times a year. I would also follow @passionpassp on Twitter for information about more opportunities.

A few other small reminders:

  • Please try to send in your articles at least 48 hours in advance of the date listed on the April Social Media Calendar.
  • Try to send an accompanying photo to use for the banner (Maggie you can view the blog format at:
  • For any photos, chosen, please remember it is possible that they will be cropped into a square format (Instagram) and a filter may be added.

As always, please let me know if you need help with anything! Thanks again for being such an amazing team, and have a great week!