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When is the last time you bought a postcard? Do you remember who you sent it to? Buying and sending postcards used to be my favorite part of my vacation. I would spend so much time picking out the perfect postcard. Sometimes I would go to up to five gift shops before picking the perfect postcard. After it was picked, I would write something about the places I'd been along with a cheesy "wish you were here." I'd find a mailbox and off that thing went to its excited owner. They often didn't get it until I was home already. It's been awhile since I thought about postcards. Whenever I see them in a Walgreens aisle or airport gift shop, I think "Who sends postcards anymore?". We live in an age where I can send my travel stories and adventures in an email to my friend. It has my own pictures and they get it within minutes of it being mailed. But why stop at one or two friends? I can take a picture with my phone and upload it to Facebook for everyone to see, and I don't even need to worry about writing sentiments under each picture, I can just write some witty status about the places I went.

If technology has made it so much easier to keep in touch, then why do I always find myself running my fingers against the postcards in the turnstyle? Why do I get excited when I see one with my name on it in the mailbox? It's nice to be remembered. It's nice to be special. It's nice to see that out of all the friends and family members that person has decided to drop you a little note. So consider this my return to the postcards. Consider it my way of saying that nothing is better than putting "wish you were here!" on the back of a postcard and really meaning it!

See you soon,